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关于加拿大魁北克大学Jacques Huot教授来校讲学的通知

发布时间:2019年12月01日 21时24分
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应桂林电子科技大学材料科学与工程学院、广西电子信息材料构效关系重点实验室邀请,加拿大魁北克大学Jacques Huot教授将于12月2日来我校交流,欢迎全校师生踊跃参加。

报告人:Jacques Huot教授

题目:Development of metal hydrides for hydrogen storage applications



报告人概况:Jacques Huot,现任加拿大魁北克大学三河分校的化学、生物化学和物理系教授;氢能研究所成员。2015-2018年间,在巴西国家科学技术发展委员会作无国界科学特别访问研究员;2016-至今担任Journal of Alloys and Compounds编辑;2017年Gordon Conference Hydrogen-Metal Systems学术会议主席。已培养10名博士生和7名硕士生;至今发表173篇学术论文,H指数44,单篇最高引用576次。

报告摘要:Hydrogen as an energy vector will play an increasing role in the future. It can be coupled to renewable energy sources (wind, solar) and is a perfect partner for electricity as it could be produced by it using an electrolyzer or generate electricity from a fuel cell. One of the problems that has to be solved for the full development of a hydrogen economy is the safe and efficient storage of hydrogen. Presently gaseous and liquid storage are the choices solutions but for many applications other means of storage is needed. Metal hydrides are considered to be excellent candidates for hydrogen storage applications because of their high hydrogen volumetric densities (sometimes higher than in liquid hydrogen) and the possibility to absorb and desorb hydrogen with a small change of hydrogen pressure. In this presentation we will discuss about the various means of hydrogen storage, focusing particularly on metal hydrides. Recent results on four different types of metal hydrides will be presented: AB5, Laves phase AB2, BCC alloys and TiFe alloy.




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